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An amazing group of talented queer women and non-binary folk who are driven to make the world a better, happier and more peaceful place via the magic of radio. fridaynightlipservice@gmail.com

#51 Lip Readings: The Invisible Orientation (Aces and Queens)

April 22, 2016

Practical problems prevented the promised previous presentation of this podcast, but here it is at last!

Les Femmes du Lèvre are once more Les Femmes du Livre as Friday Night Lip Readings continues.

Tonight, your hosts take a long-awaited look at The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality by Julie Sondra Decker, especially the chapter 'A Message for Non-Asexual People'. 

'What if you weren’t sexually attracted to anyone?'

In the studio tonight with their reading glasses on are experienced asexual Daria, and willing-to-learn allosexuals Nicky and Nida.
Episode links:
The Invisible Orientation at the author's site:  http://juliesondradecker.com/?page_id=1767
Julie Sondra Decker's website:  http://juliesondradecker.com
The Invisible Orientation available at: Bookworld (Australia), Book Depository (other countries) and Audible
Julie Sondra Decker/Swankivy's YouTube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/swankivy
First broadcast:  22 April 2016