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An amazing group of talented queer women and non-binary folk who are driven to make the world a better, happier and more peaceful place via the magic of radio. fridaynightlipservice@gmail.com

May 28, 2016

#54 Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS I Say So)

You'll want to get your cow's-head diagram for this one.


Izzy and Nida are talking all things to do with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Body positive insulin resistance and the war on carbohydrates. Reproduction insurance and hirsutism. The hormone binary and second-year chats.
All this, and a chance to win free tickets to local BDSM party Fire & Ice!
Episode links:

PCOS 101 at GBHealthwatch:  https://www.gbhealthwatch.com/science-portal-PCOS-101.php

Fire & Ice at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/fireandicecanberra/

Spirolactone at Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spironolactone

Is PCOS an Intersex Condition? at JustAnswer:  http://www.justanswer.com/ob-gyn/5xkgz-pcos-hirsutism-intersex-condition.html

Did Obesity Exist in Prehistoric Times? at Slate:  http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/explainer/2009/05/old_and_fat.html

PCOS and food by Dr Tori Hudson:  http://drtorihudson.com/general/endocrine-health/pcos/polycystic-ovarian-syndrome-pcos/
Androgen Generation in Adipose Tissue in Women with Simple Obesity by Quinkler, Sinha, Tomlinson, Bujalska, Stewart and Arlt:  http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15531721

First broadcast: 20 May 2016

October 5, 2015

#31 Indigenous Queer Identities (So Close to Being Black)

Did you hear that? Tonight, Izzy, Nicky and Nida are bringing you some interviews with Indigenous Queer activists from Australia and New Zealand, recorded at this year's Health in Difference Conference.
Episode links:
Health in Difference, National LGBTI Health Conference:  http://healthindifference.org
Leonie Pihama at Wikipedia:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonie_Pihama
First broadcast: 2 October 2015

September 4, 2015

Lip Service Classics: Safe Sex (Fresh Nethers Lip Service)

Our regular episode was called on account of illness and injury, so it's only appropriate we bring you something on the subject of health. This time, sexual health.

Join Annie, Jenni, Izzy and Nida to hear how to keep safe doing what the birds, bees and educated fleas do.
Episode links:
STI vs STD: What's the Difference? at The STD Project:  http://www.thestdproject.com/std-vs-sti-whats-the-difference/
5 Essential Tips for How to Clean Your Sex Toys:  http://www.womenshealthmag.com/sex-and-love/cleaning-sex-toys
Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT:  http://www.shfpact.org.au
The AIDS Action Council:  http://aidsaction.org.au
First broadcast: 1 August 2014
June 13, 2015

#18 Health in Difference (Healthy Discussions)

Ollie, Jenni and Daria talk to Philippa Moss, Executive Director of The AIDS Action Council, about the upcoming Health in Difference conference, queer health and the Council itself.

Episode links:
Health in Difference - A National LGBTI Health Alliance Conference:  http://healthindifference.org 
The AIDS Action Council:  http://aidsaction.org.au
SpringOut (including Fair Day): http://www.springout.com.au
What is MOGAI? at Literally a Blog Run By a Queer Person:  http://thedailyqueer.com/2014/10/19/what-is-mogai/ 
First broadcast: 12 June 2015