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Category: Society & Culture

An amazing group of talented queer women and non-binary folk who are driven to make the world a better, happier and more peaceful place via the magic of radio. fridaynightlipservice@gmail.com

June 25, 2016

#57 Intersex Variations (Intersex: It’s Complicated)

To be intersex, to be born with intersex variations, is to have a body whose form, genitals and/or chromosomes don't fit the typical perceptions of the sex binary. Join Izzy and Daria as they talk with our guest full of experience and knowledge of intersex, Cody, all about intersex and everything around it. (Take heed, the topic of violence towards infants comes up.)

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Episode links: 
OII Australia - Organisation Intersex Internation Australia:  https://oii.org.au
Dad arrested for trying to kill intersex baby at LGBTQ Nation (trigger warning: it's about a dad trying to kill an intersex baby):  http://www.lgbtqnation.com/2016/06/dad-arrested-trying-kill-monster-intersex-baby-repeatedly/
Orchids: My Intersex Adventure:  http://www.orchids-themovie.com/
TranzAustralia Education on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TranzAustraliaEducation/
Alice Domurat Dreger's homepage:  http://www.alicedreger.com/
Aqua Harmony Enriched Learning Partnerships:  http://www.aquaharmony.com.au
First broadcast: 24 June 2016

June 8, 2016

#56 Queer Sex Education (The Birds and The Bees and All Other Beasts)

Safer sex and sex education? Right here! Erin from Sexual Health & Family Planning ACT is in the studio with us, armed with a lot of knowledge and a box of questions from you, the listener!

Episode links (some may be Not Safe For Work): 
Sexual Health and Family Planning ACT:  http://www.shfpact.org.au
The Labia Library:  http://www.labialibrary.org.au
Love, Canberra podcast:  http://www.lovecanberrapodcast.com
First broadcast: 3 June 2016